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  • Back to School Safety and Health tips


    National Immunization Month is August, and going back to school season is on its’ heals. Watch this AFC Doctors Express medical minute for back to school school tips to make sure your child, (and you!) have an easy transition back into the school year, in a healthy manner, physically, mentally and emotionally.  Out of the gate […]

  • Swimmer’s Ear or Middle Ear Infection: How to Know the Difference


    If your child is doing a good amount of swimming this summer and suffering from earaches, it’s often difficult to know whether he/she is is experiencing a middle ear infection or swimmer’s ear. Symptoms can overlap and it can be confusing to distinguish between the two. We can help you differentiate between swimmer’s ear, or […]

  • Sunburn and UV Awareness


    Welcome to another  AFC Doctors Express Urgent Care Medical Minute July is UV Awareness Month Sunburn should not be taken lightly. Melanoma ( skin cancer) is the most common cancer in the United States. Most  people don’t  know that.  The good news is that skin cancer is  preventable in most cases. UV Prevention tips for protecting […]

  • What Steps to To Take if Bitten By a Deer Tick


    This time of year black legged ticks, commonly known as deer ticks, are an unwanted guest. This year, in the northeast especially,  as we saw last year, because of the huge amount of snow, the ground became insulated which in turn caused a warm environment for a high population of ticks to be hatched.  We are experiencing […]

Swimmers ear or middle ear infection?

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