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  • 7 Top Warning Signs of a Heart Attack


    February is National Heart Month. Heart disease does not need to be your fate, even with genetic risk factors. There are always things you can be doing, especially if you are at risk for heart disease to help prevent heart disease or a heart attack. That being said, knowing the top warning signs of heart attack is critical […]

  • How to Treat Hypothermia


    How to Treat Hypothermia Baby it’s COLD outside! The recent frigid temperatures bring their own set of health issues. Hypothermia is one of them. What is Hypothermia? Hypothermia, simply stated, is when your body begins to lose heat faster than it can be produced when exposed to cold temperatures. In time, the cold will usurp […]

  • Mono Or the Flu? Know the Differences


    It’s not uncommon to confuse infectious mononucleosis- or mono,  with the flu, as the two viruses share many of the same symptoms. Over the past few weeks both our  Danbury as well as West Hartford urgent care centers have seen folks coming in presenting with flu like symptoms which have turned out to be mono […]

  • Flu Symptoms vs. Cold Symptoms; How to Tell the Difference


    How do you know if you have flu symptoms or cold symptoms, and how to tell the difference? Flu symptoms and cold symptoms often mimic one another:  both can have nasal congestion, cough, body aches, headaches and malaise. A common cold, however, rarely has symptoms of fever above 100 degrees. With flu symptoms, you will […]

Flu or Cold? How to Know the Difference

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