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  • Sunburn and UV Awareness


    Welcome to another Doctors Express Medical Minute July is UV Awareness Month what is UV radiation, what does the sun do to our skin,  and how do we prevent any of the problems that the sun can create. Sunburn should not be taken lightly. Skin cancer and melanoma is the most common cancer in the […]

  • What Steps to To Take if Bitten By a Deer Tick


    This time of year black legged ticks, commonly known as deer ticks, are an unwanted guest. This year, in the northeast especially,  as we saw last year, because of the huge amount of snow, the ground became insulated which in turn caused a warm environment for a high population of ticks to be hatched.  We are experiencing […]

  • I Don’t Know If I Need Stitches


    People are often telling us they don’t know when they need stitches. This Medical Minute is here to answer all your questions. Whether or not you need stitches depends on a variety of factors. Factors you must consider… how big the wound is how deep it is  where on the body it is located It […]

  • Not Sure if it’s a Break or a Sprain?

    Spring time means different things to different people. To parents of kids involved in spring sports, often times it can mean trips to the ER or urgent care center to treat a broken bone or sprained ankle. Spring sports like soccer, lacrosse and baseball, track and field and tennis all are breeding grounds for injuries: […]

July is UV Awareness Month

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