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  • STD Awareness Month; Take Charge of Your Sexual Health


    April is Sexually Transmitted Disease Awareness Month. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): There are 20 million new STD cases in the U.S. every year, of which approximately 50% are amongst youth between the age of 15-24   The medical costs for these new cases are $16 billion       […]

  • Why Your Child Needs a Sports Physical


    More kids are playing organized sports today than ever before. Playing on a community or school sports team is a great way for kids to stay in shape and learn teamwork, which is probably why more than 37 million American children and teenagers play at least one sport. No matter which spring sport your child plays — […]

  • What Steps to To Take if Bitten By a Deer Tick


    Another warm winter means an early tick season again! This time of year, black legged ticks, commonly known as deer ticks, are an unwanted guest. Just like last year, this year in the northeast and Connecticut, we are going to be seeing a high population of ticks, and many of them will be deer ticks.  Unfortunately, at […]

  • Which is it? Spring Allergies Or A Cold?


    Looks like we’re in for an early spring in the northeast, which, for allergy sufferers can mean a season of potential misery since trees start pollinating earlier. It’s easy however, to confuse seasonal allergies with a cold, as many of the symptoms overlap making it often hard to know what you’re suffering from. Let’s figure out how to […]

Spring sports have begun and accidents happen. Is it a break or just a sprain?

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